Finally! Page 12 of Winter’s Light.  I decided not to have borders on this scene since I wanted to try something new. I know I should stick to the same format per chapter/story, but whatever. I do what I want!

There is one guest on this page. The male canine in the background on the first panel is Riordan who belongs to my friend Reika Fox.
The pink vixen is Amira, whose design I purchased from ArtsyFoxy on DA. I love adopting characters and putting them in my comic. It supports other artists and it’s a ton of fun for me.

Patreon news – I have been updating Pixie Clover at least once a week there for the $5+ a month tiers No matter how busy I get I can at least get that done. XD I added a $25 a month tier where you’ll get a postcard with Anaria art on it once a month. I’ll be using the same mailing service that one of my best friends uses so I know it works well. For $25 people I’ll also offer free background cameos from time to time as long as their characters follow some guidelines. $1+ patreons still get pages updated a week early and occasional sketch and art posts. You don’t have to back my Patreon, but it does help me out a lot.